2 Simple steps to Successful Communication Skills

If you want to build expertise in communication skills, you need to perfect only two factors of communication skills. What are those skills? How can you perfect them? If you are not good at these two factors, will you be able to improve and perfect them?

Simple Method to Build Expert Communication Skills

Communication Skills: The ability to convey or share ideas and feelings effectively (definition). By this definition, we can easily understand that communication skill is all about communicating or sharing your ideas or feelings. Now comes; how can we achieve expertise in it. 
Most of the people face only these two problems while communicating there ideas or feelings.

What to say? (knowledge-based)

While talking to a friend or in a group discussion or in a job interview, most of the people face problem in speaking because of the lack of knowledge on a topic. It occurs because either they didn't read the topic carefully or they only remember 3-4 points of the topic.

This leads them to fall short about the topic or leads them to feel ashamed when the listener asks them some questions or stuck them in an argument.

How to say?

Most people have good knowledge, but when it comes to speaking, they did not perform well. Because they can not structure their ideas, they start with a point and end up nowhere.
To solve this, we can start reading: blogs, newspapers, books, etc. To avoid the above mistakes we can do one thing, we can make a diary in which we will write a summary of the topic, we have read and our opinion (if any).

This will help us in remembering a lot, as we will no longer remember the whole stuff, either we will remember our own summary, or we will remember our opinion. 
The summary will improve our comprehension, which will also help us in our academics and opinions will help us to participate in debates and arguments.


These are the two simple methods to improve your communication skills, but in order to improve your communication skill, you need to be persistent. I promise you only one topic a day for the next 30 days will improve your communication skills, and you will feel more confident in front of others.

Topics you should read

You can choose either social topics, academics theory, self-help books, your hobbies, or my personal favourite movies (majorly oscar-winning). 

If you have come up so far I request you to write your goal or story in the comment box, this will help you in future when you will feel like giving up and to others to provide the inspiration to improve their communication skills.
I hope you will find 2-3 minutes for you and for others, the comment box is below.

2 Simple steps to Successful Communication Skills

Hope you find this helpful.


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