Early Childhood Development: 5 major areas of development.

 # What are the 5 major areas of Child Development?

Here we will see the top 5 major areas of child development, we will learn some activities we can perform to develop those domains of development in children. The development of domains are really important for children as delayed development can cause children to face difficulty in developing them later. 

  • Physical Development

Physical area is an important area of child development which includes the child's physical growth as well as his/her coordination and control with muscles.

 Physical development can be divided into two parts:

·         Gross Motor (Large muscle of the body) Development.

·         Fine Motor (Small muscle of the body) Development.

        Some Activities for Gross Motor and Fine Motor:

1.      Gross Motor

  • Hitting Football
  • Running
  • Frog Jump
  • Hitting Ball with Bat


    2.      Fine Motor

  • Colouring
  • Paper Tearing
  • Sewing 
  • Sorting


Early Childhood Development 5 major areas of development.

  • Cognitive Developments

The Cognitive term refers to the brain, so cognitive development includes the child’s ability of problem-solving, abstract thinking, learning and exploration and figures things out around them.

         Some Activities for Cognitive Development:

  • Riddle Solving
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Colour Sorting 
  • Identifying size, number, etc
  • Building Blocks


Early Childhood Development 5 major areas of development.

  • Communication/Language Development

Language development is a critical part of a child’s overall development. It includes sharing and/or convincing ideas or feelings with others. Language development helps the child to develop other areas easily, as language is a critical part of a child’s overall development.

           Some Activities For Language Development

  • Singing 
  • Storytelling, Rhyming, Poem singing
  • Circle Times
  • Discussions

  • Social and Emotional Development

Social and Emotional Development includes interaction with parents and others, cooperation, self-confidence, and a sense of community. This development is also responsible after genetics for the child’s being introvert, extrovert, or ambivert. If your child has fear in public speaking and a lot more.

         Some Activities for Social and Emotional Development:

  • Participation in Drama or Play
  • Pretend play ( Doctor-Doctor, Ghar-Ghar, or with Kitchen set, etc)
  • Interaction with others
  • Team play or work
  • Peek a boo


Early Childhood Development 5 major areas of development.

  • Sensory Development

Sensory Development includes the child’s senses of 7 senses: Taste, Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing, Body Position sense (also called Proprioception) and Moment sensation (also called Vestibular)

            Some Activities for Sensory Development

  • Thumb or Finger Painting
  • Feeling different textures
  • Smelling or tasting different dishes
  • Walking on different Surface (Sand, Grass, Ground, etc)
  • Hearing Different Instrument

 Early Childhood Development 5 major areas of development.

Hope you find this information helpful.