Early Childhood Educator: Job Description (2020)

Today I will cover some of the requirement a Pre-school ask for an Early Childhood Educator or we can say a Pre-School Teacher should have, these requirements or characteristics are very basic to have in common. You guys can put this in your resume as well.

Early Childhood Educator: Job Description (2020)

Job Purpose

  • To build a healthy relationship with children, parents and other caregivers to work in partnership with them for children's well being and development.


Degree in Education, or Early Childhood Education Diploma

Previous experience of teaching (preferable in Early Childhood Education) 
  • through job, internship or volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities 

The roles and responsibilities of an Early Childhood Educator include, but not limited to the following:

  • Preparing classroom for class activities by ensuring the safety of children.
  • Communicating a clear objective to all children in order to provide an active and quality learning experience.
  • Providing a variety of learning materials and resources to use in classroom activities.
  • Providing appropriate and constructive feedback to children to make them feel good and confident about their work.
  • Observing, assessing and recording children's performance and development to discuss with parents about their growth and betterment.
  • Performing certain personal duties including supporting children, counselling children in academic and behaviour problems and providing encouragement to them,
  • Organizing and participating in parent and team meetings for discussing the progress or problems. 
Early Childhood Educator: Job Description (2020)

Skills, Abilities and Experience

  • Be self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Be enthusiastic and dedicated a personal commitment to work for and with children. A reflective role model, learning and assessing his/her own practice and lifestyle.
  • Be a creative thinker a practical approach and ability to teach children with innovative ideas.
  •  Enjoy working with the team Inclusive style of working that brings people together and empowers others.
  • Understand the Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum experience of how ECE curriculum work and field teaching knowledge of the ECE curriculum. 
  • Have experience with a holistic approach to ECE knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and practices of creating daily activities for children and monitoring their progress.

  Other Requirements

  • Should have the knowledge of Early Childhood Education Policies: Child protection policies, Child rights, and health and safety
  • Willing to undertake training as required, and to accept change
  • Flexible and dedicated approach to work
  • Personal and Professional Integrity.

This is it. This is all I have learned through working with different centres.
I hope you will find the description helpful.
Early Childhood Educator: Job Description (2020)